Friday, January 16, 2009

Thoughts on media

Yesterday an American Airlines plane went down in the Hudson River in New York after birds flew into both engines causing them to quit operating. There were 155 passengers on board, all of which miraculously escaped being killed due to having an experienced and dedicated pilot in charge. The people evacuated onto the wings and were rescued by boats in the harbor who do emergency rescues. The media did an excellent job of coverage except for one person who I thought they went a bit too far in interviewing too long. A man in a tee shirt, couldn't tell if it was long or short sleeved, doesn't matter either) was being interviewed about his experience. There he stood, surrounded by media all in winter clothing and not one of them even offered him their coat or requested a blanket for him. He told them his pants were frozen, still no response, the questions kept on coming. I thought I could see him changing color as he stood them. COLD, is cold and he had to be freezing. Must the media be so self-serving as to not look at the person, only the story?

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