Sunday, January 29, 2012

Baby Boy Haugen is right around the corner

James has been so fortunate. He flew to Taiwan to be with Ashley when the baby is born on January 18. He will be there until January 13. We are in the count down stages and are hoping she goes a little early, she is due the first part of February. I know how notorious first babies are about arriving late, but I delivered right on my due date so am hoping she does the same.  He was due to fly to Rome one more time this month but his supervisor gave him time off. It looks like Cathay Pacific Airlines knows how to treat their employees.

Next week is going to be very busy with four Brown Bag lunch programs each week across Roseau County. The programs will be Roots Music films that last an hour each time and cover the cover the development of American roots music including songs from the time of immigration such as spirituals, gospel, blues and jazz and country. We put the information on our website about each week's film.I have had the chance to see two of them and thoroughly enjoyed the story and music.
 Have to do so much traveling does put me under a little stress. I want to complete my final report on a grant we received last summer from the NW MN Arts Council from the the Arts and Culture Heritage fund for doing music programs. That was a tremendous success with three wonderful programs.
Winter has not been a challenge so far. On Tuesday, January 17th, I opened the back door to the museum to start my car  to find out it was -20 F. Brrr! The next morning we had our coldest day of the winter at -27 F on the farm. I did not go to work! The next day was another cold day and I went in to work late. I told our staff that if we had a storm or it was really cold this winter, I would be working at home!
Time to get ready for church. 

Monday, January 2, 2012

Saying good bye to a great exhibit

Today was the last day to see the Smithsonian New Harmonies: Celebrating American Roots Music exhibit at the museum. We decided to serve cookies, apple cider and coffee and had a steady stream all day until around 5:30. I feel nostalgic about seeing this exhibit leave knowing it is the last Smithsonian that I will have been in charge of getting for the historical society. It was one that I had wanted us to have when I first heard about it four years ago. Music haunts each of our days. It is the thing that takes to and from work on our radio, it is what we often listen to when we can't sleep at night, it hails the opening of the Christmas season and rings in the New Year. It accompanies when we are at work, in the plant, on the tractor, or in the truck like I was when I worked for USX at Mintac.

One of the things that never fails to impress me is how many types of music have developed in the United States. Country, Rock & Roll, Blues and Jazz, Gospel, and freedom songs by such people as Peter, Paul and Mary and Bob Dylan. Many of these songs became a part of my life when they were developed and therefore are a part of who I am.
I thought it would be enjoyable to share some of the high spots of the programs and exhibit.

More later!

It is time to say good bye to this wonderful exhibit and thank the many people who helped us with the wonderful programs that made the exhibit such a bell ringer for the historical society. Our visitor count for the month of December has out done any count I can remember -1,832 visitors and over 300 more who attended our Christmas Harmonies program at the Roseau Community School Theatre.

Lots going on!

Started baking . . . again, this time it is the right Christmas cookies. Last night I baked two batches to cookies, pecan sandies and Cinnamon balls. I have butter and cream cheese in a bowl just waiting for it to soften a bit so I can mix up a double batch of Teatime Tassies. Michelle and I were talking about cookie baking for Christmas and she said her favorite was the Pecan Tassies. I guess I would have to agree. So far I have 4 dozen of our favorite cookies done and when the tassies are done it will probably somewhere over 6. That is plenty! Oh, but then I remember, we had a cookie exchange at church about two weeks ago and those are in a tin freezing.

Last week, we had a RCHS board meeting. I always try to have a special Christmas luncheon/dinner, we meet at 5:30. I usually serve a meat and cheese tray, crackers and some of the board members bring cookies or some sort of Christmas bread.Irene Olson makes the best Christmas bread I have ever tastes and it is so pretty. This year, we added a veggie tray. We always order enough so that the staff can enjoy it also. Our staff is very dedicated and does such a great job, I really appreciate all they do to make my life at work easier.

Yesterday, several friends and acquaintances were invited to an annual Christmas lunch at a special friend's home. Linda is a wonderful host; gracious woman and wonderful cook. It is always great fun to visit with friends and enjoy the food she serves. Thanks Linda for a delightful afternoon and Merry Christmas!