Thursday, June 18, 2009

Los Angeles

I arrived in LA on Tuesday after only a 3.5 hour flight from Fargo. What a great trip, Allegiant Air is a wonderful way to go to LA. I plan to make more trips to LA on this carrier. James met me at the airport and from there we went to his house so he could change and finalize some of his daily work.

We sort of messed things up a bit from here on. Brian thought we should rent at the airport and James thought we should rent closer to his home. James was driving so we went to his area for the car. We will be driving up to Michelle's so it is easy for me to rent near him. I can now drive in LA, whoo hoo!

The restaurant was a very enjoyable place with excellent food. We had a coconut shrimp on skewers that I really liked. The fish with peach chutney was delicious also. A highlight of eating there was watching out for the birds who would swoop down and try and pick a piece of bread or a French fry off of a plate. When the couple at a nearby table left leaving a 1/3 piece of cheese cake on a plate the birds sailed in to try and eat before the waiter took the plates away. I guess birds have a sweet tooth, too! When I got home, Brian asked me what was on the back of my shirt as it looked by bird poop. It was! I would go back, the yachts and sailboats were fun to look at and the food was wonderful.

Brian took me on a tour of the Hollywood Blvd yesterday. We drove above the city to an area that is lookout into the valley and he pointed out several places such as Paramount Studios, Disney Studios and such. Quite a view even though it was hazy as you can see looking at the Hollywood sign on the hill behind us. The valley was worse.

Last night we returned to Marina Del Rae for supper and the Wednesday night sail boat race had just concluded. They used an overhead crane affair to take the boats out of the water and place them on trailers.

So much to see and do!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Life on a Farm

Mr. Haugen decided that he needed another shed for farm equipment last summer. In the fall, the construction crew put the poles in the ground, then last Wednesday the crew was out and put the framing up.

I really liked how symmetric the boards on the roof looked. One could see each point was almost perfect from front to back.

Probably the building will be done before I return. I am going to take my camera, well maybe not. Perhaps I will use other family member's cameras. Yup, I'll leave mine for Ardmore. Now if I can just explain to him to how to use it.

Monday, June 8, 2009

The past week

This week and weekend have gone by much faster than anticipated with no time for updating. Time to do something about that.

Last week were received a pleasant surprise. The museum will receive a new employee who will be government funded. This person has some wonderful credentials and will be a great benefit to the staff. I do get a bit concerned about having someone start just as I am leaving on vacation, but our assistant is very good and will take good care of everything.

Two weeks ago, a youth worker started. She has done a great job filing in the research center. It can be a very overwhelming task as we have so many files for people, communities, businesses, and other areas that when one looks at a newspaper clipping, it often belongs in more than one file which means one has to be aware of that and then make additional copies and put them all in the right place. An example may be a person who is an educator who became Teacher of the Year. This person needs to filed under the Teacher of the Year, Roseau School file and also in his personal file. She took on what could be an overwhelmed job and has done wonderfully.

Last Friday, Mickie, Bridget and I attended the comedy called I am Alice. It was such a kick; with sadness, laughter, and a mixture of both sprinkled throughout. It is often amazing to see such talent in our small county of about 16,000. A musical, the voices of the eight women were a great blend, with some great harmonizing..

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Time to mow...again

With all the rain we have had lately, there seems to be no end to the lawn mowing. Last time we didn't even have time to pick up the mowed grass before it rained on it. Mr. Haugen thinks I take too much mowing on at a time when I mow. I like to get it done so I can move on to something I like.

Today we had the Life Care - Sheltering Oaks residents come to tour the museum. We had some muffins, cookies and bars in our freezer so took them out and served them coffee 'n after their tour. They were so appreciative. It was a very nice day for them to have an outing.

Mr. Haugen and I went to pick up one of the grain trucks this morning. It was in the shop for a brake job, seems like there is always a repair of some sort that needs to be done on the farm. On the way to work, after dropping him off, I stopped for breakfast at the Twins' Corner Cafe in Badger. Sandy makes the best caramel rolls. It made my bacon and an egg the best.

I ordered an apple pie for Mr. Haugen; another of the things Sandy does well. Mr. Haugen was loading a truck with canola when I got home but by now he has had his first piece. After he commented that Sandy's pie was the best apple pie he had ever eaten, I decided, why compete, take the easy route and buy him a pie from the Twins'.

Bought my ticket to LA yesterday. I am so excited about going to see the family. I am going to spend time with the guys in LA first and then will go on to Modesto to Michelle's. They are making plans for what we will do while I'm there. Just give me a nice warm beach several times and I will be happy. I am looking so forward to the trip now that I have had total hip replacement and total knee replacement. Walking is much better!

Leah has finished the Twilight series now so it is read for me to began reading when I reach Michelle's. I am ready for the second book in the series now.