Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Relay for Life

This year's Relay for Life was on August 12 at the Roseau City Park. The YaYa gang has their stall in the shelter on the far west near a parking lot. This is sure handy when we bring our things in.
Lots of people attended and the evening was very nice. I don't think any of the group was missing and the pot luck was delish!

This Relay for Life event honored both those who have had cancer and are survivors and those who did not survive. Within the past month, one of the families in our group had lost a loved one to cancer. A few years ago, another member had a son-in-law pass away. The luminaries tell the story of those who are now missing.My mother is one, although she was a breast cancer survivor who live an additional 30 years after having a breast removed.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Spoke to James this morning. He has spent the past two days taking his finals for Cathay Pacific Airlines. He received his assignment, he will be flying a  A340 Airbus. He was first told a 747 but this was recently changed. He likes the routes for the Airbus, it flies to San Francisco and Vancouver in North America. He does not know where he will be stationed so that is still to come. He has about three months of more training in Hong Kong prior to this. Some is ground school.
It is another beautiful day in the neighborhood as Mr. Rodgers use to say. We have had a fabulous summer and it seems to continue to be that way. I am excited about the forecast for the Thursday, August 25, we are to have another nice day. We are hosting the singing group The WoodPicks at the Gazebo in Roseau. They play an acoustic mix of Gospel, Bluegrass/Country and Americana music, as well as their own songs. The first time I heard them was at the county fair this year. Great fun! Five talented guys!

Family Reunion

The past three weeks were so busy. Michelle and Dave spent a week with us in July during the Roseau County Fair. Between visiting, going to the fair, and keeping up on the yard work, the week just flew.It had been several years since Michelle was home, and Dave had never been to the farm so it was great to have them both here.
Summer is her best time to do things like this as she is out of school and her students cut back on lessons so she has more free time. It will be back to school for her within a week. I think several of her music students have already started school so she is teaching more again. School starts in early August at most schools in California. They have longer breakers at other times of the year.

Today Brian and his friend, Frank, start a week-long hike in Yosemite. I would love to go along but I don't think I am capable to doing something like that anymore!  They did suggest I come out and spend a couple of days at the Meadows where they would be camping at one time. Yosemite is one of our favorite places to visit when I go to see everyone. Last time James and Michelle did the bike riding thing. She said it was great fun going off the road and onto a trail where you see things you don't otherwise.

Last weekend was the Ross Family Reunion in Grand Rapids. I had planned on spending three days but was ill on Friday so didn't go until Saturday. There were about seventy of us, mostly the Minnesota clan. My Uncle Ron from Oregon has been in the Range area since my Aunt Renee passed away and at Uncles Bryce's for several weeks. It was great to see both of them and the cousins. Bob and Marie had vacation time and encouraged Beth to bring Jon. I hadn't seen my nephew Jon in years. It was great seeing everyone.  This year we were at Shelly's lovely home on Prairie Lake with fabulous weather. The kids tubed and fished and, of course, we all ate way too much!