Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Spoke to James this morning. He has spent the past two days taking his finals for Cathay Pacific Airlines. He received his assignment, he will be flying a  A340 Airbus. He was first told a 747 but this was recently changed. He likes the routes for the Airbus, it flies to San Francisco and Vancouver in North America. He does not know where he will be stationed so that is still to come. He has about three months of more training in Hong Kong prior to this. Some is ground school.
It is another beautiful day in the neighborhood as Mr. Rodgers use to say. We have had a fabulous summer and it seems to continue to be that way. I am excited about the forecast for the Thursday, August 25, we are to have another nice day. We are hosting the singing group The WoodPicks at the Gazebo in Roseau. They play an acoustic mix of Gospel, Bluegrass/Country and Americana music, as well as their own songs. The first time I heard them was at the county fair this year. Great fun! Five talented guys!

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