Saturday, March 17, 2012

One Woman 2012

Happy St. Patrick's Day to all you who are Irish and all those who take that claim today!

Here we are thirteen days after the 2012 One Woman event, one would think things would slow down for a while after we do something like that, but no, it doesn't. But the focus for today's blog will be on those special women in Roseau County who give so much to improve their communities and help others.
The twelve women, from all walks of life, included a store owner, teachers, a county fair treasurer, and a county fair office secretary. This years recipients are Eva Gregerson-Badger, Veronica Novacek-Barto, Sylvia Lisell-Falun, Dianne Churchill-Greenbush, Rose Strandlund-Jadis, Esther Sandstrom-Malung, Elvera Kvarnlov-Moranville, Irene Olson-Roseau, Jeanette Erickson-Ross, Sylvia Kukowski-Skagen, Addie Streiff-Unorganized, and Sunny Wilmer-Warroad. It has been so enjoyable to see the things these women do for their communities. Sometimes it has been utterly amazing! We talk about super moms, these are definitely some super women!

Roseau County Commissioner Glenda Phillipe cut the ribbon. We joking visited about how when I was doing a program in Warroad one noon, we had decided to have lunch together and I forgot. She jokingly accused me of "standing her up!" She is a jewel and we are very fortunate to have such a dedicated individual as a county commissioner.
Here are some of the photos of the day.

Over 160 family members and friends attended the exhibit
 ribbon cutting and program for the 2012 One Women event.
Dawn Johnson and Linda Vatnsdal were the coordinators
and program organizers.

Lloyd and Sunny Wilmer, Warroad 2012 One Woman; 
Carole Wilson, program coordinator
is pinning on her name tag.

Elvera Kvarnlov-Moranville is looking
at the 2012 One Woman exhibits.

Jeanette Erickson, Ross 2012 One Woman and her family

Charleen Haugen and Sunny Wilmer

Board members, Lola Grafstrom, Helen Wagner, Harriet Heinen with Harriet's granddaughter, Olivia
City of  Roseau One Woman, Irene Olson, husband Joel, and daughter Nancy Anacabe.

Jeanette Erickson, daughter Carmen P. and great-grandson.

Rose Strandlund, Jadis Township 2012 One Woman and daughter Debra.

Beverly Torkelson, her mother, Eva Gregeson - City of Badger 2012 One Woman and daughter Jan Wollin.

Marie Kompelien, Museum Research Center Specialist

ReNae Lisell Vagle in front of her mother's  and aunt Esther's exhibit.
Esther's husband Roger is standing with ReNae.

Sylvia Kukowski, Skage Township One Woman, is so deserving. Her husband died when their children were young and she raised them herself. Milked cows and did so much hard work.
 Sylvia's family gave some wonderful compliments to their
mother; so great stories too!

 Several musical selections were performed by the Guttorumson's.