Thursday, May 30, 2013

Another Minnesota Rainy Day

With only a little over half of our crop in due to three inches of rain two weeks ago, we are set back again, it is raining. These fuzzy photos offer a glimpse of our yard through the rainy patio doors.

Something tells me we sill have a very hard time getting the rest of the seeding completed. When James, Ashley, and Bjorn arrived we were able to get about a quarter of our fields seeded. Brian arrived last Thursday, James and family left on Friday. Brian and Ardmore were able to get another quarter of what we planned to seed, the wheat, completed, but no soybeans! Such is spring time in Minnesota, sometimes dry, often wet. Ardmore said this was the year that would separate the men from the boys. I think, that would depend on how much rain each area received.

Having them all home was wonderful and we had a marvelous time with our family home. Bjorn is now old enough to be able to converse with, even though he doesn't talk yet. His energy was boundless and even though he was cutting his molars, two came in while they were here, he was not crabby. They flew into Grand Forks this time.

Bjorn definitely loves strawberries!

Ashley and Bjorn before the car ride to the farm.
I purchased a cute pop gun at a Lewis and Clark museum once and he took to that like a regular deer hunter. His dexterity is isn't so smooth yet so if he removed the tube he was only able to get it back on one out of 5 times, but his shooting skills were great!


We happen to love this little man! He was the Entertainer!

James and Ashley were able to enjoy a peaceful time here 
while grandpa and grandma watched Bjorn once in a while.

And a little six-wheeler fun!

Bjorn wanted to drive, of course. The key was a fascination!

We had to take that as he would have lost it or started the six-wheeler!