Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Fall's Arrival

This summer complimented us with some of the nicest weather we have had for several years but like all good things it came to end last week when the temperatures plummeted thirty degrees and sent a killing frost.Our soybeans were spared damage only because they were the first crop we planted this spring. They will be ready harvest this week.

It is hard to believe that it has already been three weeks since I returned from my week in California. It went by so fast! It was the last time to see James and Ashley for quite a while. James had spent three weeks in Albuquerque in reserve working with his former unit with Ashley arriving the second week. They spent the last week in LA putting together their final shipping items. They have been staying at Cathay Pacific's hotel at the Hong Kong international airport where they have three months of time to locate an apartment. He is in ground school there now and received his roster for next month, his first flight with Cathay is to... Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Needless to say, he is very excited.

First thing, upon flying into LA, was to rent a car and head north to Michelle's and visit the grandchildren and great-grandchildren. It was the first time I had seen our 18 month old granddaughter Keria and of course she was adorable. Breanne and I spend Monday in their pool. Damen and I enjoyed the time together. I found out that he loves to splash everyone and even enjoys being splashed himself.

Our sweet little Keria!

Keria and Grandma
The time went by way too fast and on Tuesday am, the highway beaconed and I was driving back to Brian's in LA.  That evening, Brian, James, Ashley and I went to dinner, something we did almost every night except the night Brian made us a fabulous chicken dinner.

We did spend one day at the beach. This sea gull decided to land about 10 feet from us. The day was beautiful and the surf something else! I am waiting for the photos the guys took of me with the surf behind me. Several people said the surf was the highest they had ever seen it. I walked out several times and when it came in a couple of time, the back flow took so much sand out from under my feet, I almost lost my balance.

Ashley and James enjoying their meal.

Ashley, James, me, and Brian at the Mexican restaurant on the last night.
Friday night, everyone wanted Mexican. I guess they don't have many Mexican restaurants in Hong Kong. This doesn't surprise me.We each had something different, but really didn't share much as we were too hungry. The night before James, Ashley, a friend of Ashley's and I went to dinner in Old Pasadena. We ate at this Argentine restaurant and I had a wonderful steak. When I am in LA, we hardly ever cook, just eat out. The variety of places to eat are endless which makes it such fun.

 We spend as much time together as possible, considering James and Ashley had many things to take care of with this being their last week of life as they knew in it the U.S.. On Saturday, it was on the two planes, one bound for Fargo ND and the other to Hong Kong, as James and Ashley entered a new phase of their life together.