Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Bryce's New Car

Our grandson spent several months training in training for a Coast Guard position this past spring and summer. With generosity, he gave his sister his Path Finder so she would have a reliable vehicle. Now he has purchased a new car, a Honda Accord. Needless to say, he is pretty excited. He also has moved into his apartment in town north of Miami. What more can a 22 year old want; a good job, a nice car, and an apartment of his own. Oh yes, he probably would like a sweetheart!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Stanley Cup will be in Roseau on August 15

I received the news today that the Stanley Cup will make an appearance in Roseau with Dustin Byfuglien on August 15. That is bound to be an exciting day for hockey enthusiasts in the area and state. I am looking forward to seeing it myself.

Grandson photos

Michelle took care of Damen during the Fourth of July weekend on Saturday and took some photos for me. He has grown so much since Christmas. I can see he is slimming down and will soon be chubbing up again so he can add inches again. I really need to find some time to go out and visit.
The aerial and century farm exhibit is almost ready. I drove to Grygla to pick up the grids we had ordered from Palay Display. Sardiff Bros.picked them up but wouldn't be able to deliver them until late Friday afternoon and we are ready to hang things today, so it just made since to go get them.

The museum has been very busy lately with many summer vacationers. We had a family from LA on Tuesday. Family reunions and family visits are the main reason we get the visitors. Our exhibits on One Woman and Women in Military draw a lot of locals also. We think the new exhibit will draw even more.

I woke up to the beating of rain on Sunday night and another fierce thunder storm which left an inch and a half of rain. The grass needs to be cut so I know what I am going to be doing this weekend again. Most crops look great, the canola did no handle the rain very well though. I hope to go check out the blueberry patches just into Canada this weekend. I am sure that bug spray will be VERY important in the woods!

Time to head to work!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Weekend Oasis

This weekend was an oasis from too much work. The lawn was mowed in no time due to how dry it is right now; in fact we didn't even need to pick up any grass for a change.

We had good news, Leah's car was found in one piece! The only thing the thieves took were the items on her seats and floor. She drove it home on Saturday and said there were only a couple of problems, the steering wheel doesn't lock any more and they must have jimmied the ignition as it feels a little different. She is one lucky young woman! That was the fourth time here car was broke into. Seems to me the saying is three times and that is usually it,

One day last week, our Branch President asked me to give a talk in church. The assignment was Faith. I always learn more than those that listen when I give a talk. I did quite a bit of research and thought about off it an all week so on Friday I started looking through the Ensign Magazine conference issues.

One of the two apostles presented an excellent way to increase faith. Elder Robert Hales' conference talk "Finding Faith in the Lord Jesus Christ" in the the November 2004 issue gave five basic things that are necessary to establish faith in ones life.
(1) hear the word of God, spoken and written by His servants
(2) let that word sink deep into your heart
(3) hunger in your soul for righteousness
(4) obediently follow gospel laws, ordinances, and covenants
(5) raise your voice in mighty prayer and supplication, asking in faith to know that Jesus Christ is our Savior.

Faith is such an evasive thing, we can't see it or hear it or feel it. We have to trust and make an effort to have it. In Hebrews 11:1 the Apostle Paul taught that “faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.” So true.

I am working at having faith that we will complete the exhibit in time for fair week so that we will have fair visitors take the time to come and see it. We will be putting some of up at the fair too. One part of the exhibit will test how well we can recognize our neighbor's farm from an aerial photograph. We do get impatient with how slowly some of the photos and information are coming in though.

I finished reading The Particular Sadness of Lemon Cake at 8:00 this morning. It is a very different story with many twists that one can't really figure out until almost to the end. It would not be a good thing to be able to taste the feelings of someone who had cooked your food for you. This is the case for the little girl in the story. It is now on to try and complete The Elegance of the Hedgehog. This is also a recommended book from Oprah's O magazine and the More magazine.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The safety of where I live

We live in a fairly safe area. Oh sure, it is not perfect but it is pretty neat to live here. Today our granddaughter called to tell us her car was stolen. This is the second time she has been a victim of thief. The first time was two years ago when someone broke into her car and stole her radio, her cds and anything else they felt was of value. I hope they are able to catch these criminals before her car is wrecked. So often it is stolen at night by someone who just wants to joy ride and then they ditch the car somewhere or wreck it.How do they even start the car? It can't help but make one feel violated.

Today our staff installed the first section of the aerial photo exhibits. We have a lot of work to do to complete the rest of the exhibits but there is progress. We had one wonderful volunteer who typed up several of our biographies for the Century Farm exhibit. That was a great help, now we will put together the posters. The info part goes quite fast, the photos are another thing. Some of them will need to be edited as we have not had time to do that.

I finally figured out how to use Adobe Photo Shop CS to scan with our scanner. All along I have struggled when I have had to use it. Friday I asked one of our staff if she had used the scanner yet and she told me no so I thought perhaps we could learn together. I, who have been challenged by the scanner since we purchased it! Well lo and behold there was a function called overview, so I clicked on it, tada, just like magic,there was the area we needed to use to scan. What is it about discovering a new process that makes us feel so grateful? I sure did.I am no longer worried about having to scan at the museum.

Our great grandson Damen spent Saturday with our daughter. Michelle and I connected on Skype for a while. Damen is so cute! Last summer, he and I played a tickle-lion game, where I would tickle him and growl like a lion and he would growl back. It was such fun. Saturday we did the same thing long distant, I growled and talked to him like I had. He got so excited, he started touching the computer screen and giggling and growling back.

He is two and a half now and is not quite so wild as he was about 6 months ago. Michelle says he doesn't listen to her but he does listen to Dave. What is it about a man that commands respect?

One of our couple volunteers agreed to put in a Scandinavian exhibit in the lobby exhibit case. Keith is a master carver and Leanne put together a collection of handwork, you can see their exhibit either in the lobby of the museum or right here. Thanks you two, what a great job. I am so thankful for our volunteers, they are wonderful and the proof is on Leanne's website.