Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Beautiful August 2012

It has been one of the nicest August's in memory, mainly in the upper 70s and 80s with some wind; although rain would be welcome. We haven't had any rain since the 6/10th on August 16th. The garden and the flowers have to be watered daily, some even two times a day.

It is enjoyable to be able to pick the tomatoes from our small garden. Small it is, too, only carrots, onions, four potato plants, four tomato plants, and some lettuce. This fall, after everything is removed, I am going to spray it with roundup to kill the grass, including the invading grass on the edges that continue to creep into the garden.Then we will also increase it by the same size. I would like to try some raspberry plants but don't know where to put them.

Today, the last row, the edge row was sewn around Lance Bjorn's quilt. It turned out so cute. Ashley will need to tell me if she wants it to have a lining or not.As of now, the plan was to put the backing on, it is a lime green plush material that could be fairly warm. The quilt is much larger that was first planned, about 58" including what is going to be turned.It will probably be about 56 when completed.Tomorrow the scissors will be clipping threads and preparing it for the backing.I will take a photo for the blog tomorrow.

The next project will be potholders for the Ya Ya Gang Christmas sale and for Christmas gifts.I came across some great patterns and am excited to try them.

Little Bjorn is so cute. Ashley takes wonderful photos and videos. Today she had some really cute ones of them at a beach and Bjorn decided to taste the sand. I am sure that was a bit gritty!

What is this stuff?

Feels different that my usual food.

Well, it sure tastes different too! Gritty!

I love being a grandmother and great-grandmother!