Thursday, April 29, 2010

Two great programs in one day

I went in a little late today because we had our last Between Fences program this evening, but was there in plenty of time to attend the Lunch with the Library Amazon program. Two of my friends went on a trip down the Amazon River during Christmas this past year. They did a great job narrating and the photos made think of what fun that must have been. Was interesting to hear them talk about the foods they ate, like grubs and Parana fish, the hospitality of the natives, the lack of so many things in the villages we take for granted, such as school supplies, no running water or electricity. They went with World Tours and had a great time. Said their boat was even air conditioned. Some of the facts, the Amazon is 200 miles wide where it enters the ocean. It is the largest fresh water river in the world. One does not swim in the Amazon as it is too dirty. All I can say is coodoos for a great program!

This evening, the Minnesota Geography expert, Professor David Lanegran presented the final program for Between Fences. His topic was the U.S. - Canada border and how it ended up as it has. The border is the longest straight line border in the world, but when it comes from the west to the Lake of the Woods area that all changes as the controversy about where it should be, changed the line about 3 or 4 time. He discussed the Dawson Road, which is till visible on the eastern side of Lake of the Woods, as one attendee spoke of snowmobiling on and how the wagon wheel tracks are still visible. It was an excellent evening and I learned several things that I didn't know before.

Only one week until the exhibit closes. Now that is sad!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Spring Field Work

This year will go down as one of the easiest and earliest years for seeding a crop in Roseau County. We completed seeding the wheat last on April 17 and the canola was seeded on Saturday. All we have left is the soy beans now. We are anxious to receive a little rain now to assist in getting everything growing.

Last night our home teacher came over with his wife and family. We so enjoy their visits and love their little children. I pulled out the colored pencils, a maze and some reading books to occupy the children while we visited. I ended up with lots of pictures to hang on the fridge. It always brightens my day to see their talent.

Today I pulled out one of my quilt pieces and worked on it. I am getting use to the new sewing machine and the fact that I don't have to use a presser foot to make it go, just move a toggle slide from side to side. I experimented with lengthening my stitches, one of the things I am really pleased about is the digital qualities of the machine. I found some more quilt material I had purchased several years ago so now I have enough to make three quilts.

While at Quilt 'SMore the other day, I picked up a CD with quilt block patterns and a 501 block book. Went through the book last night with post its and marked the patterns I liked. Now I need to decide when I am going to really start! Our daughter, Michelle makes little quilts. When we all got together for Christmas, she gave me one for my desk at work. I put my digital photograph frame on it and it looks just great. I always marvel at how she finds the time. She teaches piano, is a full-time music major, play the piano for her church choir and is a new grandmother, and some how still finds time to quilt.

Today, I made a few more phone calls to individuals for the Aerial Photo exhibit at the museum. We have over 15 definite responses now which means we are well on our way to a successful exhibit. Our goal is to have 36, which will be one per panel. If we get more, so much the better. We narrowed the time period of the photograph to 1975 to 1990, with a main focus on the mid 1980s. So far so good. The exhibit should be in place by the end of May. It is so nice to have a goal and a plan!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Red Hat Ladies

This was a busy day. At noon we had Roseau River Watershed Director Rob Sando give a very informative presentation on the Roseau River and the tributaries. It always amazes me how when one know the rivers in our area usually run north to the Red River and then on into Lake Winnipeg, some rivers end up going south and draining into the Roseau River. Two of these add a bit too much water into the Roseau River during flood years. Several interesting developments were brought up by Rob. I hope they accomplish what they are expected to do.

As usual I worked late and at 5:30 had a telephone from the Red Hat ladies from Warroad. I think everyone forgot they were coming tonight as when the crew left they locked the door and turned off the lights. Thank goodness the gals had their cell phones and could call us and that I was working late. I think they enjoyed the Between Fences exhibit. Their cameras were flashing and laughter was heard into my office.

I purchased a new sewing machine on Saturday. It is going to be my retirement sewing machine for quilting. Don't ask when that will come to be. I did some minor sewing with it on Saturday evening...It is sweet. I may just have to clean out the office and rescue my sewing table from everything that is piled on it. Well, I haven't retired yet so there is no hurry.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Things to do on Sunday

The wind was at my back when I headed down the road to the bridge today, and it was stiff from the nw. I got two telephone poles down and turned around and headed home and walked around the inside of the grove. Much easier to handle. There was definitely an advantage in living in Hoyt Lakes.
The town was pretty much surrounded by trees so the wind did not have the opportunity to take your hat, your coat and your breath quite so easily. My brother told me he and his wife walked to Fisherman's Point on his day off last week. That would be about 2 miles round trip from his home and would have been about 2.5 from our home. It was common for the kids and I to hop our bikes and head out to the Point after stopping to pick up a can of cold pop at the gas station. We enjoyed watching the ducks and feeding them bread if we had taken any. The trails were paved and ran right through the forest so it was cool on a hot day and kept the wind off during during a cool day.

One year we had a family reunion on my dad's side of the family and most of the family camped at the point with a few of us staying at the only motel in town, the Country Inn of Hoyt Lakes. Very nice with an indoor pool and a whirl pool, continental breakfast plus gave us time to pull three tables together in the morning and reminisce.

I really enjoyed living in Hoyt Lakes. We were about a half mile from a life guard beach. The kids and I would head there (if it wasn't raining) at 10 in the morning and stay until 3. They had a concession stand where candy and some fast food was sold. We usually took a lunch or would head home for a quick lunch and bike back down to finish swimming all afternoon. The kids loved to jump off the dock and swim out to the raft and dive into the deeper water.

My friends and I would get together for "coffee", one of my friends and I had a thing about popovers and would make them every once in a while. Yum! Not many of my friends still live there but one of best high school friends still does, just a block from my brother in fact. We don't see each other much, but with the cell phone we talk at least once a week, sometimes more. We even had granddaughter's born on the same day, our granddaughter Keira and her Amelia were born on March 26. We thought that was very special. Life is different now, but good in a different way.

Today was lazy day, I napped, visited a neighbor, and watched an episode of Wind at my Back on the BYU television network. It is one of my favorite shows, lasts about an hour. It must be a CBC program as it reminds me of CBC programs. It is always on at 8 pm on Sunday and is a good way to end a Sunday.

Five things I am thankful for this week:
1. Less stress now that Woman's History Month is over and we don't have to design those exhibits.
2. Several days of sun
3. My new sewing machine.
4. Talking with little Damen on Skype yesterday and seeing his little sister.
5. Ardmore and I being able to listen and watch Michelle play the piano and visit on Skype tonight.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Catch up time

Last evening we went to church for a Friendly Friday activity. Ardmore joined everyone in the rain to clean ditches, while I stayed inside the chapel watching movies with the children. We watched a Vegie Tales movie, cute but I had to ask a friend if her children really understood what was going on. She didn't think so, neither did I. We had a great potluck dinner following the work project. It did quit raining and the kids played games outside. When we drove home, we reached an area that didn't receive any rain and from there to the farm it hadn't rain. Go figure?
Breanne and Josh went visiting last night so Michelle had Damen for the evening. He and I had a giggling match on Skype. He is getting so big. Not being closer is hard but being able to see him on Skype helps. He is not 28 months. I can't believe how fast time goes by. He was quite enthralled with Michelle's cat and decided that talking to me on the computer had been enough and it was time to go play with the kitty!

Thursday, the museum had the Between Fences Charlie Maguire program at the Badger School. Charlie worked with Kelly Grahn's 4th grade class teaching them how to use the mouth harp. He does such a great job! That afternoon Charlie and the students gave a program for the elementary. He gives such a great presentation. The students really were into the spoons and the singing.

On Thursday evening he and the students performed for the public. We had about 150 in attendance. It was also our annual meeting. Not the usual number of people attended the meeting but that was alright, next year is a new year. People really did miss a great program. The sixth enjoyed the afternoon program so much many of them came back for the evening program and invited their and seventh grader friends, which was wonderful to see. This time, these young people were able to participate and received spoons too. They really got into the singing, one could tell they really enjoyed it.