Saturday, April 10, 2010

Catch up time

Last evening we went to church for a Friendly Friday activity. Ardmore joined everyone in the rain to clean ditches, while I stayed inside the chapel watching movies with the children. We watched a Vegie Tales movie, cute but I had to ask a friend if her children really understood what was going on. She didn't think so, neither did I. We had a great potluck dinner following the work project. It did quit raining and the kids played games outside. When we drove home, we reached an area that didn't receive any rain and from there to the farm it hadn't rain. Go figure?
Breanne and Josh went visiting last night so Michelle had Damen for the evening. He and I had a giggling match on Skype. He is getting so big. Not being closer is hard but being able to see him on Skype helps. He is not 28 months. I can't believe how fast time goes by. He was quite enthralled with Michelle's cat and decided that talking to me on the computer had been enough and it was time to go play with the kitty!

Thursday, the museum had the Between Fences Charlie Maguire program at the Badger School. Charlie worked with Kelly Grahn's 4th grade class teaching them how to use the mouth harp. He does such a great job! That afternoon Charlie and the students gave a program for the elementary. He gives such a great presentation. The students really were into the spoons and the singing.

On Thursday evening he and the students performed for the public. We had about 150 in attendance. It was also our annual meeting. Not the usual number of people attended the meeting but that was alright, next year is a new year. People really did miss a great program. The sixth enjoyed the afternoon program so much many of them came back for the evening program and invited their and seventh grader friends, which was wonderful to see. This time, these young people were able to participate and received spoons too. They really got into the singing, one could tell they really enjoyed it.

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