Sunday, April 11, 2010

Things to do on Sunday

The wind was at my back when I headed down the road to the bridge today, and it was stiff from the nw. I got two telephone poles down and turned around and headed home and walked around the inside of the grove. Much easier to handle. There was definitely an advantage in living in Hoyt Lakes.
The town was pretty much surrounded by trees so the wind did not have the opportunity to take your hat, your coat and your breath quite so easily. My brother told me he and his wife walked to Fisherman's Point on his day off last week. That would be about 2 miles round trip from his home and would have been about 2.5 from our home. It was common for the kids and I to hop our bikes and head out to the Point after stopping to pick up a can of cold pop at the gas station. We enjoyed watching the ducks and feeding them bread if we had taken any. The trails were paved and ran right through the forest so it was cool on a hot day and kept the wind off during during a cool day.

One year we had a family reunion on my dad's side of the family and most of the family camped at the point with a few of us staying at the only motel in town, the Country Inn of Hoyt Lakes. Very nice with an indoor pool and a whirl pool, continental breakfast plus gave us time to pull three tables together in the morning and reminisce.

I really enjoyed living in Hoyt Lakes. We were about a half mile from a life guard beach. The kids and I would head there (if it wasn't raining) at 10 in the morning and stay until 3. They had a concession stand where candy and some fast food was sold. We usually took a lunch or would head home for a quick lunch and bike back down to finish swimming all afternoon. The kids loved to jump off the dock and swim out to the raft and dive into the deeper water.

My friends and I would get together for "coffee", one of my friends and I had a thing about popovers and would make them every once in a while. Yum! Not many of my friends still live there but one of best high school friends still does, just a block from my brother in fact. We don't see each other much, but with the cell phone we talk at least once a week, sometimes more. We even had granddaughter's born on the same day, our granddaughter Keira and her Amelia were born on March 26. We thought that was very special. Life is different now, but good in a different way.

Today was lazy day, I napped, visited a neighbor, and watched an episode of Wind at my Back on the BYU television network. It is one of my favorite shows, lasts about an hour. It must be a CBC program as it reminds me of CBC programs. It is always on at 8 pm on Sunday and is a good way to end a Sunday.

Five things I am thankful for this week:
1. Less stress now that Woman's History Month is over and we don't have to design those exhibits.
2. Several days of sun
3. My new sewing machine.
4. Talking with little Damen on Skype yesterday and seeing his little sister.
5. Ardmore and I being able to listen and watch Michelle play the piano and visit on Skype tonight.

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{Steve and Amanda} said...

Hi Charleen :) I didn't know you had lived in Hoyt Lakes. It sounds like a really nice place to have lived. At least you have some people there you know so you can visit.
That's interesting how you and your best friend had a granddaughter born on the same day. Best friends are usually so alike and that just adds to the list.