Thursday, April 29, 2010

Two great programs in one day

I went in a little late today because we had our last Between Fences program this evening, but was there in plenty of time to attend the Lunch with the Library Amazon program. Two of my friends went on a trip down the Amazon River during Christmas this past year. They did a great job narrating and the photos made think of what fun that must have been. Was interesting to hear them talk about the foods they ate, like grubs and Parana fish, the hospitality of the natives, the lack of so many things in the villages we take for granted, such as school supplies, no running water or electricity. They went with World Tours and had a great time. Said their boat was even air conditioned. Some of the facts, the Amazon is 200 miles wide where it enters the ocean. It is the largest fresh water river in the world. One does not swim in the Amazon as it is too dirty. All I can say is coodoos for a great program!

This evening, the Minnesota Geography expert, Professor David Lanegran presented the final program for Between Fences. His topic was the U.S. - Canada border and how it ended up as it has. The border is the longest straight line border in the world, but when it comes from the west to the Lake of the Woods area that all changes as the controversy about where it should be, changed the line about 3 or 4 time. He discussed the Dawson Road, which is till visible on the eastern side of Lake of the Woods, as one attendee spoke of snowmobiling on and how the wagon wheel tracks are still visible. It was an excellent evening and I learned several things that I didn't know before.

Only one week until the exhibit closes. Now that is sad!

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