Friday, May 7, 2010

My Janome 3160

About three weeks ago I stepped into Quilt S'More in Roseau to check out the fabric and visit with Leanne who works there on Wednesdays. She and Judy, the owner, were busy setting up the new Janome 3160 machines that had come in. My machine was purchased following our home fire back in 1988 and sure didn't have the digital qualities this machine had! The machine was $200 off to boot, so at $598 was something to consider. It really didn't take me more than 5 minutes of watching them set up the machine to convince me that this was the machine for me at this time.

Some of the qualities I appreciated were the ability to set the stitch width and length so easily and precisely, the needle threader (I love this!), the ease of filling a bobbin and the thread cutter. It has several design stitches which I probably will not ever use but then who knows what one decides to do in the future.

My new daughter-in-law will receive my other machine now. In fact, hubby just took it out to the car and I will mail this today. Another thing for your home, Ashley, I hope you enjoy it.

Quilting is an enjoyable pastime and over the years I have purchased different fabrics with the intent of quilting but have only made three quilts. Leanne and I went through the fabrics about a year ago and picked out the following, which are now cut and ready to quilt.

I think these colors will make a quilt that will brighten a bedroom in either one of my children or grandchildren's home!

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