Saturday, May 22, 2010

It is seed time on the farm

Today hubby begin the finishing acts for this years seeding, he rolled the soybeans with the packer. This will sure help when we start taking of the beans off. They are such a short crop and to get all the beans one must cut right on the ground. He also started spraying some of the crop. So far the crops look lush and are coming up beautifully. We will need rain on the soybeans though to see how they will do.
We have a Killdeer that has decided to have her nest right on our driveway. Hubby moved the pickup with hopes we won't forget the camouflaged bird will not get run over or stepped on. One has to really look hard to see her four eggs in the nest. Yesterday I had a meeting in Bemidji and after the long drive home was unloading the car which is parked right behind her nest. Needless to say I forgot it was there and walk right in the general direction one time. Thankfully the little eggs were not stepped on.

There is always endless work on the farm. I often dream of a weekend in the summer when I didn't have to mow the lawn. It takes about 3 to 4 hours to mow and then there is the dead grass to pickup with lawn sweep.

Started a new quilt project today. It turned out to be easier than I thought it would be. It will take me a long time to make a full quilt though as it has points and I am having a bugger of a time matching them and then starting the machine sewing them without puckering. The patterned turned out nice though. I will have to take it to the quilt shop and get some critiquing on it though. Tomorrow is another day!

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