Monday, March 18, 2013

Home to winter!

After spending two weeks with James, Ashley and little Lance Bjorn in February, I find myself yearning to climb on a plane and visit more family. Farm life is pretty quiet right now and it would be a good time to go but I have a few obligations and want to try and finish another quilt top.

James has had two trips to Sydney Australia and is now enjoying a few days of R&R with the family. When he has trips like this Ashley usually heads to her parents, which is exactly what she did this time. Bjorn has spent a week with grandma and grandpa, giving James and Ashley some quality time together. No Skype for me while he was at their home as Ashley's mother doesn't Skype, she does put great photos on Facebook though, such as these two of Bjorn and Grandpa Lee at a bird sanctuary.

I think he looks a little apprehensive in the second photo, like that bird is almost as big as me!

Ashley had been wonderful to Skype with us when she was at her parents. One day, she came on with Bjorn and for about five minutes he gave me his undivided attention! He recognized me right away and gave me one of his cute little smiles. We played  head and shoulders, knees and toes; looked for his ears, eyes, and nose and sang some other Primary songs before he very vocally told me it s time for breakfast! He grabbed his mother's hand and started pulling her toward the door. We said our good byes, waved and signed off.

A couple of days ago he proudly showed me how he could climb into his new high chair. Ashley said all she has to do it take the tray off and he knows it is time to eat and climbs right up.

Breanne and I were visiting the other day on the phone and every word she said Keria would repeat. Keria will be three this coming Thursday. Grandma had better get her presents wrapped  and out the door. Not today though, it is snowing again.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Quilting and reading

This was actually written before I went to visit James, Ashley and Lance on February 3 but didn't realize it had not been posted!

These past weeks have been cold and often windy and when it is like that, I become a hermit!
So what does a hermit do on days like these? Quilt, read, cook and maybe clean the house. At least that is what I do. I completed the quilt I have been working for our grandson Lance Bjorn. I think it will last him until he decides he want a more masculine one. It is about  50 inches by 50 inches.