Sunday, December 16, 2012

Time to get ready for the SEASON!

I love Christmas! The music, the programs, decorating, and visiting malls. So you are thinking I like to do my Christmas shopping at malls, right? Sorry, I love to watch the people, listen to music from the mall performers, but most of see mall decorations.
I think Winnipeg is my favorite place to visit during the holidays. Probably because we live only about 100 miles south of the Canadian city of about 750,000. The lower level in Portage Place during the holidays, especially on weekends, often has musical groups perform. So far this Christmas season I have not headed north , but this week I plan to go.

Now shopping in Winnipeg is a different story. I do that at the St. Vital Center more then any other place. There is a huge Borders book store with a Starbucks where one can escape the crowd and have peaceful snack and read a bit in a book you just purchased or the downloaded book on your phone or iPad. The blueberry coffee cake is delish!

Think of the best thing that happened to you today, meditate about it, and put it in your memory bank. Have a great day!