Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Red Hat Ladies

This was a busy day. At noon we had Roseau River Watershed Director Rob Sando give a very informative presentation on the Roseau River and the tributaries. It always amazes me how when one know the rivers in our area usually run north to the Red River and then on into Lake Winnipeg, some rivers end up going south and draining into the Roseau River. Two of these add a bit too much water into the Roseau River during flood years. Several interesting developments were brought up by Rob. I hope they accomplish what they are expected to do.

As usual I worked late and at 5:30 had a telephone from the Red Hat ladies from Warroad. I think everyone forgot they were coming tonight as when the crew left they locked the door and turned off the lights. Thank goodness the gals had their cell phones and could call us and that I was working late. I think they enjoyed the Between Fences exhibit. Their cameras were flashing and laughter was heard into my office.

I purchased a new sewing machine on Saturday. It is going to be my retirement sewing machine for quilting. Don't ask when that will come to be. I did some minor sewing with it on Saturday evening...It is sweet. I may just have to clean out the office and rescue my sewing table from everything that is piled on it. Well, I haven't retired yet so there is no hurry.

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