Friday, July 16, 2010

Grandson photos

Michelle took care of Damen during the Fourth of July weekend on Saturday and took some photos for me. He has grown so much since Christmas. I can see he is slimming down and will soon be chubbing up again so he can add inches again. I really need to find some time to go out and visit.
The aerial and century farm exhibit is almost ready. I drove to Grygla to pick up the grids we had ordered from Palay Display. Sardiff Bros.picked them up but wouldn't be able to deliver them until late Friday afternoon and we are ready to hang things today, so it just made since to go get them.

The museum has been very busy lately with many summer vacationers. We had a family from LA on Tuesday. Family reunions and family visits are the main reason we get the visitors. Our exhibits on One Woman and Women in Military draw a lot of locals also. We think the new exhibit will draw even more.

I woke up to the beating of rain on Sunday night and another fierce thunder storm which left an inch and a half of rain. The grass needs to be cut so I know what I am going to be doing this weekend again. Most crops look great, the canola did no handle the rain very well though. I hope to go check out the blueberry patches just into Canada this weekend. I am sure that bug spray will be VERY important in the woods!

Time to head to work!

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