Monday, June 8, 2009

The past week

This week and weekend have gone by much faster than anticipated with no time for updating. Time to do something about that.

Last week were received a pleasant surprise. The museum will receive a new employee who will be government funded. This person has some wonderful credentials and will be a great benefit to the staff. I do get a bit concerned about having someone start just as I am leaving on vacation, but our assistant is very good and will take good care of everything.

Two weeks ago, a youth worker started. She has done a great job filing in the research center. It can be a very overwhelming task as we have so many files for people, communities, businesses, and other areas that when one looks at a newspaper clipping, it often belongs in more than one file which means one has to be aware of that and then make additional copies and put them all in the right place. An example may be a person who is an educator who became Teacher of the Year. This person needs to filed under the Teacher of the Year, Roseau School file and also in his personal file. She took on what could be an overwhelmed job and has done wonderfully.

Last Friday, Mickie, Bridget and I attended the comedy called I am Alice. It was such a kick; with sadness, laughter, and a mixture of both sprinkled throughout. It is often amazing to see such talent in our small county of about 16,000. A musical, the voices of the eight women were a great blend, with some great harmonizing..

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