Thursday, June 18, 2009

Los Angeles

I arrived in LA on Tuesday after only a 3.5 hour flight from Fargo. What a great trip, Allegiant Air is a wonderful way to go to LA. I plan to make more trips to LA on this carrier. James met me at the airport and from there we went to his house so he could change and finalize some of his daily work.

We sort of messed things up a bit from here on. Brian thought we should rent at the airport and James thought we should rent closer to his home. James was driving so we went to his area for the car. We will be driving up to Michelle's so it is easy for me to rent near him. I can now drive in LA, whoo hoo!

The restaurant was a very enjoyable place with excellent food. We had a coconut shrimp on skewers that I really liked. The fish with peach chutney was delicious also. A highlight of eating there was watching out for the birds who would swoop down and try and pick a piece of bread or a French fry off of a plate. When the couple at a nearby table left leaving a 1/3 piece of cheese cake on a plate the birds sailed in to try and eat before the waiter took the plates away. I guess birds have a sweet tooth, too! When I got home, Brian asked me what was on the back of my shirt as it looked by bird poop. It was! I would go back, the yachts and sailboats were fun to look at and the food was wonderful.

Brian took me on a tour of the Hollywood Blvd yesterday. We drove above the city to an area that is lookout into the valley and he pointed out several places such as Paramount Studios, Disney Studios and such. Quite a view even though it was hazy as you can see looking at the Hollywood sign on the hill behind us. The valley was worse.

Last night we returned to Marina Del Rae for supper and the Wednesday night sail boat race had just concluded. They used an overhead crane affair to take the boats out of the water and place them on trailers.

So much to see and do!

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Leanne said...

This looks like so much fun. I bet you are just having a wonderful time with family.
You GO GIRL!!!!
(Maybe things will dry out by the time you come home. Ha!)