Monday, January 2, 2012

Lots going on!

Started baking . . . again, this time it is the right Christmas cookies. Last night I baked two batches to cookies, pecan sandies and Cinnamon balls. I have butter and cream cheese in a bowl just waiting for it to soften a bit so I can mix up a double batch of Teatime Tassies. Michelle and I were talking about cookie baking for Christmas and she said her favorite was the Pecan Tassies. I guess I would have to agree. So far I have 4 dozen of our favorite cookies done and when the tassies are done it will probably somewhere over 6. That is plenty! Oh, but then I remember, we had a cookie exchange at church about two weeks ago and those are in a tin freezing.

Last week, we had a RCHS board meeting. I always try to have a special Christmas luncheon/dinner, we meet at 5:30. I usually serve a meat and cheese tray, crackers and some of the board members bring cookies or some sort of Christmas bread.Irene Olson makes the best Christmas bread I have ever tastes and it is so pretty. This year, we added a veggie tray. We always order enough so that the staff can enjoy it also. Our staff is very dedicated and does such a great job, I really appreciate all they do to make my life at work easier.

Yesterday, several friends and acquaintances were invited to an annual Christmas lunch at a special friend's home. Linda is a wonderful host; gracious woman and wonderful cook. It is always great fun to visit with friends and enjoy the food she serves. Thanks Linda for a delightful afternoon and Merry Christmas!

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