Friday, January 23, 2009

Social Security

Life has a way of creeping up on one and before you know it another milestone in life has arrived. Thus was the case yesterday when I received my call to sign up for social security. Yes, I will be 65 next month on the 27th. No, I am not going to quit work, that would mean boredom. I have a problem with days off as it is. I will cut back to 4 days a week starting in February though. Now I need to sign up for Medicare.

Ardmore had a problem with some bleeding the other day but it was determined to not be serious. He has been trying to figure out what caused it and now thinks it was his nose. He wakes up in the middle of the night and watches tv in the dark. He thinks that while sitting at the table he had a nose bleed and didn't realize it because of the dark. He says he has had that problem since he had some polyps removed about 2 months ago. I thought they sealed the polyps and that would take care of any bleeding, apparently not.

We have several projects at the museum for Sentence to Serve to do today. I hope they can spend the whole day. I think I will go in early so that I am there if they come in. Perhaps I can then leave a little earlier and work out at LifeCare.

One Wednesday, we took down the Minnesota's Historic NW sesquicentennial traveling exhibit. It is time to begin putting up the installation of the Woman's History Month exhibits. Time is really creeping up on us, we have only five weeks until we open the exhibit.

I attended a Roseau Rams girls hockey game last night with Micky and her mother. Roseau beat International Falls 11 to zip. The Falls team is reorganizing and had several seventh graders on their varsity team, so they will be an up and coming team to watch. Seems like that is the first time I was able to do something like that in a long time.

It was sure slick out when I went home last night. It must have started raining about 3, the windshield on the car was one solid sheet of ice. By the time I left the game it had changed to snow. This morning, it is cold, 6 below and clear. Yeah! No more ice.

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