Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Education Committee

Last night the Women in History education committee met. They are such an enthusiastic group of women, I love working with them. They are so committed to this project, it gives me such satisfaction knowing they are in charge of the upcoming exhibit.

Yesterday we removed a couple of panels from the agriculture exhibit. We will be painting them to match the rest of the walls in the exhibit. The one thing that concerns me is the fact that they are Masonite and the rest of the walls are plywood which shows the wood grain, where the Masonite doesn't. My assistant thinks that she can paint it so it will match though. She is pretty talented so I need to have faith that she is right.

At this time, I am working on two grants. One is about ready to be submitted on line now. It is nice when they are almost identical as one can use some of the same wording in several grants as well as the financial work. It is just a matter of changing some of the areas of the project to meet the new project.

Lately my hip has been a little painful in the morning. Perhaps I am laying on it wrong. It gives me no other troubles though.

Beautiful but cold (-17F) day, the sun is giving that early morning salmon color to the walls in my bedroom. It is always a pleasure to dress under that condition. Time to exercise!

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Leanne said...

I feel so sad that I am sitting way out west instead of helping with the One Woman exhibits.... It is great to hear about all those hard working women, though! Keep up the great work!