Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Foggy and georgeous trees

This is one of those days when we can't see the river because it is so foggy. The visibility is on about 1/5 of a mile and even less at times. I drove home from Roseau on 16 this evening and couldn't see any yard lights or even the road signs. Suddenly I saw the stop ahead sign that informed that I would shortly reach 89. It came up sooner than I thought, I was glad I'd slow down soon enough as it was a little slick too.

We spent the day working on the upcoming Woman's History Month exhibits. We will have our work cut out for us. This Friday, I hope to have lots of things accomplished. We will begin to take things down so the education committee can begin to work on their exhibits. We will need to get the maps done and the photos scanned and printed. I am excited about this exhibit and how it will honor the women in our county who have contributed to much to the well being of our lives. I am glad we have such good committees working on the programs. Our volunteer coordinator is tops! The volunteers she has recruited to work on the exhibits and programs are dedicated and talented. It has been a joy to work with them.

I have been listening to several podcasts lately. One of my favorites is the CBC program The Next Chapter with Sheila Rogers. It is always interesting to listen to an author interview. Today I asked our librarian to order me a book by Malcolm Gladwell, Outliers, the Story of Success. It sounds like a good nonfiction. He does some serious research on his topic and some of the things he commented on finding when he was doing the research on this book, sounded interesting.

I have a good book, The Perfect Day by Richard Paul Evans I am reading and it is almost bedtime so it is also reading time.

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Janelle said...

I drove out to Arletta's tonight. It was SOOOOO dangerously foggy from here until her house, and then no fog in Warroad. Strange. I'm glad you made it home safe, too. It made me a little nervous to be out in it.