Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Very Cold...and Total Knee Replacement Frustration

We woke up to a very cold morning. The temp outside was -42 farenhite, with a wind chill of -55. I often wonder why Ardmore's family decided to stay in this cold climate, but being from Norway they probably didn't think much of the cold.

With weather this cold, one can understand why years ago, people wore night caps. The houses were not as well insulated as today and furnace systems were non-existent. Pioneers relied on wood heat from a fireplace or the Franklin stove, then the space heater came along, which burned kerosene or fuel oil which wasn't the most even heat. If one lived in town, water heat was common. The water would be heated in a central heating plant and pumped to the houses and businesses in the town as steam or hot water heat. I lived on Minnesota Iron Range in my youth and remember that Virgina and Hibbing heated the homes and businesses with steam from a municipal heating plant. Virginia first operated their plant in 1905.

I recall visiting my aunt and uncle in Virginia and hearing the hiss of the radiators when the steam would escape the valve. Our school in Aurora also had radiator steam heat with a boiler in the basement of the school. I often wonder if this isn't a more efficient way of heating homes in town now days. I would think that research would be done on this. If anyone knows of any, please let me know.

I read several blogs regarding Total Knee Replacement - tkr and read so much NOW about the frustration most people have with their recovery. I can definitely go along with their complaints. It is so interesting to remember that my range of motion was 114 when I completed that part of my pt. I am very diligent about doing my exercises, riding the stationary bike, walking, doing everything that I can think of to increase my range of motion so that climbing stairs (I live in a split level home with 14 steps to the main floor from the family room in the lower level) and whatever else is required. I do know that swimming is wonderful, but when it is below zero, I have no desire to go swimming and then get in a cold car to drive home, so I compensate with other exercises. None of these seem to be helping me gain back that range of motion. I can't be much more than about 100 right now. When I climb stairs it can be very uncomfortable, but I know with time this will improve although it may take at year or two. Many people complain of swelling and pain, ice often. I do not ice often. I find that I have just as much pain following icing as I did prior to icing. I do find that rest following extreme workouts and walking helps as well as propping my leg up. It is now time to rock and then ride my stationary bike.

Because it is so cold today, I wanted my thought for the day to be about summer so found a poem that was fitting.

Thought for the day

Summer Interlude

Under the shadow-lace of trees
Spilling gold on the warm green grass,
Lulled by the humming of honey bees,
Long summer interludes come to pass.

Playhouse furnished with make-believe,
Mud pies baked on a sun-hot stove,
Daydreams spun in fanciful weave
And hearts sing music in bright bell tone

Bring on the dishes, small butter chips,
The acorn cups and the cambric tea,
The old rag doll with the bright red lips,
The teddy bear and the lamb, maybe.

Under the poplars' rustling silk,
Pour out the tea in each small cup;
Add plenty of sugar and lots of milk,
Learn well the art of growing up.

Secrets and news and goodness knows
What conversation, the laughter, joy
Where the roses bloom and the clover grows
And life is golden with no alloy.

Ruth B.Field

Think Summer!! You enjoy your winter away from home, Leanne. I will sit and read a bit or watch a movie, but I am not going outside today!

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Leanne said...

Hey Charleen! Your blog made me think about coming downstairs in my flannel nightgown at home when I was a kid and standing on top of the big square vent above the furnace. The heat would billow up and warm a person up from head to toe! Stay warm. Sorry your knee is causing you so much frustration.