Saturday, January 31, 2009

Gas prices and museum exhibits

I have been keeping a daily tally of the price of various commodities since September. As a farmer, I want to understand the daily fluctuations in wheat, soybeans, and canola so we can sell at the proper time. I also keep track of the cost of light crude per barrel. This has helped save several thousand dollars as the price has been such a yo yo. Right now I am disgusted with the powers that be that set the pump price. The lowest price for gas in Roseau was at the end of December,$1.70 a gallon, the price of a barrel of light crude was $39.03. Right now we are paying $1.95 and oil is only $41.68. Who is controlling the prices? Who is running off with my money?! Enough said, what do you think?

The last couple of days have seen some drastic changes at the museum. STS was in on Thursday and spent the day rearranging exhibit platforms for the upcoming education committee exhibits. Britt painted a wall in the ag exhibit so it will coordinate with the school by painting a door and a window. She is pretty talented with a paint brush! Then Helen spent three days painting the background and floor on the American Indian exhibit. It is very cool!

I stayed late on Thursday when the education committee came in and then went in to work late yesterday as I was going out to dinner with some friends in the evening and worked until that time. Every time I went into the work room I would cringe at the mess on the counter. We had stacks of photos from Key Ingredients and the 150 project. I tackled that job and packed them away, perhaps they can be used in another project sometime. No sense throwing them away, they aren't archival, and are on foam core so will last for a long time. Several shelves needed cleaning, paint is now put back on the shelves and the place looks a little neater. Now it needs a good vacuuming, but that will have to take place next week. The storage area also needs to be vacuumed too. We have had so many projects lately that we need to get them put away and clean up the messes.

STS completed stabilizing the clothing racks and put a shelve in the back for the military hats. Now we need to find a group of ladies to make some covers for the clothing racks so the clothes will be protected from dust. Whoever believes that working in a museum is boring, needs to volunteer, they would sure have an eye opening experience. But such satisfaction!

After reading about The Shack from a friend's blog, I decided to read it. Finished it on Wednesday. So much to contemplate after reading it. I highly recommend it. Now I am reading Twilight. My granddaughter, Leah, just finished it and said it was so good. I have heard nothing but good comments about it. It is written by Stephanie Meyer, the same author who wrote The Host. I read that a couple of months ago and enjoyed that so know this must be good to. Well if I am going to get to read it, it is time to stop writing and go read!

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