Saturday, January 3, 2009

I love Saturdays

Ah, Saturday, a day to watch a movie, read, relax, scrub the kitchen floor, dust, wash clothes, change bedding, so tired...

What a surprise to wake up to another snowy day. I really didn't expect to see it coming down as hard as it did and decided to film it. I opened the door was so surprised to see it wouldn't open more than about 15 inches, the snow had drifted onto the porch and was keeping the door from opening. I did my filming, with the wind swirling around and the snowflakes landing consistently on my sweatshirt. The soles of my shoes were chunked with snow but with my slippers close at hand my feet didn't get too cold. About an hour later, it was back outside to do some shoveling, realizing that hubby would have to snow blow the yard...again, third time this week! It took him about 3 hours to do the driveway this time.

I shouldn't have bought so much plain and peanut M&Ms and sugar jellies for the Christmas candy dishes, they are so tempting. Thank goodness there is only enough to fill the candy dish one more time. We need to put them in a tin and put them in the trunk of the car! With the snow and the cold weather we have had lately, we wouldn't even be tempted to go that far to get them. Ah, the holidays with all their tasty snacks.

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