Tuesday, November 4, 2008

D-Day for McCain and Obama

Today is the day many of us have been waiting for, either with a relief that we won't have any more political campaigning taking up the air waves or with the relief that they can finally cast their ballot for their favorite candidate.

Our township decided to vote by mail so we received our ballot about a month ago and have already voted. It was quick and easy and in the mail box before we knew it. Several states have allowed for advanced voting and lines were long yesterday. I am curious as to whether everyone will have the opportunity to vote this time. If the lines are as long as they appear to be, we will have some unhappy people. Then again, once the tally is done, people will either be happy or unhappy with whoever wins.

One of the advantages of living in the US is this wonderful right to a vote your conscience and not have anyone force you. We will have some voting irregularities but that is just a part of voting in any election. Since the 2002 election, the US has tried to implement practices that will eliminate voter fraud but this will still continue to be a part of any election.

I spend a lot of time rocking in a rocking chair prior to going on the exercise bike. This warms my knee and increases the range of motion. I haven't had much time to go swimming lately, we have been harvesting our soybeans. I miss swimming and will be starting again in a couple of days.

We finally had nice enough weather to do that. It is very wet in our fields and we had to leave about 3-4 acres as we can't go there. Ardmore decided to put a load of soybeans on the truck yesterday while it was in the field. He has been doing this. i had parked it a little farther from the road and he ended up with it sinking and had to get the tractor to pull it our. That was the first and only time we have been totally stuck this year. We are done combining for the year! Hooray! Couldn't be soon enough either, it is suppose to start raining again tomorrow and then snowing. We had one of the warmest days since 1903 yesterday, it was 70 in Roseau. Today is suppose to be nice also then the cold is suppose to arrive. We will be in the teens in the morning by Saturday. Brrr!

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sunnyd said...

Just wanted you to know that I enjoy following your blog! I'm an election judge tonight and am looking forward to hearing the results. I hope all the conservatives show up at the polls! Love ya