Thursday, November 13, 2008


It is amazing what a volunteer can do in just a few hours! Yesterday, one of our volunteers arrived at about 10 and worked until 1. She removed labels and took off the adhesives on the backs so they could be reused. She cleared out exhibit items and cleaned out the cases. Volunteers are such an essential part of the museum. At this time, we have several volunteers working on an upcoming exhibit for Women's History Month in March 2009. It will be the first time we honor women in our county and I can see a real value in their service. Yesterday several educators were compiling the names of former rural school teachers. It was gratifying to see how they are so dedicated and organized. It reminds me of how much could actually be accomplished if we had two volunteer every day of the week for several hours. We could do so much more. One of the areas we need volunteers for at the present time is for designing programs for both school and off-site. There is so much more we can do for our county residents, schools, and organizations. I wish I had someone who could put together PowerPoint programs from our photographs and artifacts that could be used for programs off-site and in the museum.

Today we will have preschoolers come for a tour. They will be shown the dairy info and a short video about we get milk. The internet is a wonderful place to find information like this and we can do so much with it.

We worked on the exhibits yesterday. Britt painted while I designed posters. We have such a short period of time to finish the exhibits it is overwhelming, but I have faith we will get them done.

Time to rest again...

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