Thursday, November 6, 2008

New U.S. President

After receiving 52% of the votes and 378 electoral votes, Barack Obama, is our new president and his wife, Michelle is first lady. We will also have little children running the halls of the White House, once again. This is the first African American to be elected as president and definitely a historic moment.
I will express my frustration at seeing McCain loss but I also had some trepidation about his choice of Sarah Palin as his running mate. From the first time I listened to her speak, I became worried about his judgment. With Hilary Clinton no longer on a ticket, did he think we must have a woman (any woman) and that would get him elected as president? I have nothing against Palin except her lack of world politics and leadership. If McCain wanted a woman, perhaps he should have looked for one that was a US Senator or Representative. As it is the republicans are out the door of the White House for at least 4 perhaps 8 years. AS things have transpired in this election, she has done several things that have caused me to wonder. One of these is her acceptance of a phone call with a Canadian comedian. I do take offense that when the press got wind of this they complained that McCain should have had more control over this incident, then compared it to Obama having received a call like that. Why wasn't she compared to Biden, after all she was not the presidential candidate.
We also now have legislature that is DFL affiliated. There is no balance of power which means the republicans will have to learn real fast how to reach across the aisle and shake hands if they want any of their policies passed. Perhaps this is all for the best... Maybe, just maybe some work can be accomplished. We will see.
I do not believe that Obama will get all the "changes" he wants, we live in a realistic world, not an idealistic world. Money is always a factor and right now money is a great factor. Congress must figure out a way to balance the budget and it can't be done without raising taxes. Like my husband said the other day, we paid more taxes under the Clinton administration than we ever had. To expound on that, where did the tax funds go during his years? We had a cut back in military spending, which put us in a precarious position as a nation, thus 9/11. Enough said. I will support our president and our government, because it is necessary and the best thing to do. United we stand, divided we fall...or is it fail??

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