Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Quality Time with the Hubby

The past three weeks have been more than a little crazy at work. We are trying to get our exhibits ready for this coming Sunday and the grand opening of our Traveling through Time in Minnesota's Historic NW traveling exhibit. We have redone several exhibits in the museum and are only about 1/3 done. I took three posters I designed today up to Polaris for the walls on a Sno-Mo-Cade exhibit. There is so much still to do that I know it isn't going to get done but we definitely have made a running start. But... all this work means late nights at the museum and not a lot of quality time with Ardmore.
Last night the guilt set in and I decided we would have to find some time to spend together so I pulled our our church magazine, the Ensign, and we took turns reading two articles, the First Presidency message was wonderful, then we read one about sharing what we have with those who are struggling. Tonight we did the same thing, read two stories bother were excellent and motivational.
We also listened to a couple periods of the Roseau Girls' High School hockey game, which they won after playing a very challenging game against Bemidji. The game ended with a score of 5-3 in favor of Roseau. Roseau has not lost a game so fare so it was good for them to play a team that worked hard to show they could play hockey too. I am going to have to start going to the girls' games, they are very good and destined to the state tourney's in March. Go Rams Go!

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