Friday, November 14, 2008

Museum Musings among other things

Each day seems to see us progress a little more. Yesterday we had our two faithful Thursday volunteers in. I call them the "Sister Chicks." They work so well together and are the delight of my Thursday. I decided it was time to treat our staff, Marie, and the Sister Chicks to pizza so ordered two pizzas from Pizza Ranch. I love that they deliver, it is so convenient! One of these wonderful volunteers remarked later about how much fun it was, and it was fun.
It was so busy that I forgot to send in my article to the newspaper. Sometimes I need a list that pops up and reminds me of what needs to be done every five minutes. Who would ever think working in a museum could be that busy, but it is.
Our registration room has four tables with items from exhibits that need to be put away, given back to the owner, or cataloged. That, of course, does not include the items that are on the ongoing list of "things to be cataloged". It is so nice to have volunteers do the regular things that need doing such as the membership mailings. Membership reminders are sent out monthly and come back throughout the month. We send need thank you notes and membership renewal cards. Kudos to those wonderful volunteers. If you volunteer for us or any museum for that matter, kudos and thank you!
I worry about our young couples today. My granddaughter's husband works as a superintendent for a home construction company in California. They have laid off individuals two times in the past year and he has been transferred to other home construction sites. I feel relieved every time this happens, but also wonder about the life of the person who lost their job. Will the recession deepen? I hope not, but when I hear that another 36,000 individuals lost their jobs , I think there is a reason to worry.
I have tried to encourage our granddaughters to look into a position in the medical field. Neither of them finds this to be very interesting but I feel that if they were to try it they might be surprised. We have an aging population and medical care is one of the fields that is solid.
A little about my tkr now. For the past three days I have decided not to ice after doing any exercises. I have not noticed any additional swelling or pain and discomfort than what I had before. I also noticed that I don't have as much pain coming down the stairs anymore, in fact, today I was even able to carry a cup of milk downstairs without spilling any, a major feat! Usually I would put my cup on the stairs so I could use both hands to go down, now I only needed to use the railing. Success comes in small degrees. I do find that rocking in the rocking chair and then riding the stationary bike is my salvation for less pain and more range of motion.
A friend blogger with tkr, Marie, is at 8 month mark from her surgery. She records her struggles with her range of motion and stiffness. It seems we women suffer more with stiffness than the men do. Perhaps it has to do with our hormonal structure. Whatever it is, it seems that exercise is the key and that it takes about a year or so to fully recover.
Today we are on our way to Bismarck, ND on a temple trip. I wonder how I will be after driving 6 hours?
Fall is such a great time to get good tasty apples. My favorite is the Honey Crisp. Lately I have had an apple a day and use the following dip:
3 tbsp caramel
3 tbsp dark chocolate chips
2 tbsp of crushed toffee (Heath crumbles in the chocolate chip section)
Warm the caramel for 30 seconds, stir in the chocolate chips until smooth and add the toffee, dip in an apple slice and enjoy!
Thought for the Day
If we do not lay out ourselves in the service of mankind whom should we serve?
Abigail Adams
I admire Abigail, during the many absences of her husband, John Adams when he was working with the Continental Congress or as a diplomat in Europe, Abigail managed the farm and family finances. She expected the new nation to "remember the ladies", and look where we are today!

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marie said...

Hi Charleen,
What a great post! Keep up the great work!
Your tkr friend,
Marie (aka Booktoots)