Monday, November 17, 2008

On a light note

Today was a day to accomplish many little things such as go to the bank, complete a couple of exhibit signs, and enjoyed a Cenex cream cheese topped cinnamon roll during coffee break. If you have not had one of these, you must try one. They truly are yummy!
The exhibit painting has come a long way and tomorrow the floor will be painted on one and we can put the exhibit together. I need to locate a piece of old green or gray canvas to make into a tent for the American Indian exhibit. I will be happy to see that one painted too. I need to get the Sno-Mo-Cade photos enlarged for the background and also paint the exhibit walls. I made arrangements to have a classic car cleaned at Ford today. It will be on exhibit over the winter. I wonder where it was purchased, maybe locally?
James flew to Taiwan early this morning to visit a young woman he has been conversing with on the Internet. I always find this to be interesting. Ardmore and I were in each other's company for months before we developed enough love to marry, now days with email and Internet visits via camera, relationships develop in a whole new way and often lead to marriage. Some marriages work, others don't. I hope that whatever relationship he develops, it will be good.
Busy day again tomorrow, time for shut eye.

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