Sunday, November 16, 2008

Weekend View

Yesterday we started out going to Bismarck but the roads were so icy that we decided we would go home and try again in December. We had really looked forward to going to the temple and felt quite put out about the icy roads. Perhaps if we would have driven on the conditions would have improved but it was misting and the temp was at 28, not good for driving.
In the end, it was probably for the best. I had been very stiff and after the 6 hour ride who knows what my condition would have been. Last evening I went for a walk to our neighbors. They don't come north very often (live in Mound, MN) and I hadn't been there in about two years. We had a very enjoyable visit and Vivian was pleased to have the company. It was dark by the time I was going to head home, so called Ardmore to come and get me. Went for another long walk today, used two canes. Some times I do that, especially when I have had some back pain like I did this morning.
Breanne sent the cutest photo of Josh and Damen. I am going to put it right here. Isn't Damen's smile adorable?

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