Thursday, October 30, 2008

The fifth day of the week, Thursday, tomorrow is Friday!

What makes Thursday so special? Is it because it comes before Friday? Is it because the week is half over on Thursday? Whatever the reason, today is special because it is today!

Yesterday I returned to pt for more ultra sound on my tkr. It really does help although I really had a double dose of care due to going for a massage afterwards. I almost fell asleep during the massage. I had more pain that I have had for a long time during the massage. Perhaps I haven't been taking care to give myself massages lately. I felt so much better after Pam was done.

During PT, my therapist did some stretching along my scar and showed me how to do it myself. She said it would help to stretch the scar and make it more pliable. I am three and a half months out now and hope that this will help with the knee stiffness and pain. I even took a 1/2 hour after lunch to go work out on the machines for 15 minutes. It helped some.

Wth walls and dividers are all up on the exhibit platforms. We have only to put the plywood walls on the south wall and it will be done. Now comes the painting. Our staff will have to do some real planning for this to work out right.

  1. The fact that tomorrow will be Friday.
  2. I tend to feel more relaxed on Thursday.
  3. People set goals to have finished by Friday so Thursday is good.
  4. My newspaper column is finished and sent to the papers.
  5. I sleep better on Thursday night.

That's all folks...

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