Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Hurrah, the newsletter is about done

After spending the past week, off and on, working on the historical society newsletter, today it went off to a board member to do the final editing. Tonight, I found out that something needs to be added so will have to do some more editing tomorrow but it can be printed and sent off on Friday, I hope.

The hot tub at the pool was still not working this morning. The owner ordered a part and said it should be here today. He wouldn't stamp my card today either. I hope the part came as the hot tub really is great for my stiffness and helping me work on my flexibility. I am surprised how much my flexibility has improved though. Before I had to go back and forth on the bike many times before I could finally cycle, now I just go back and forth about three times and over and after about 10 rounds I am going smooth as can be. Not any pain either. I ice for about 20 to 30 minutes following the exercises. Hurrah!

Picked up a new library book today by Richard Russo called Nobody's Fool. It starts out well written so it should hold my interest.

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