Tuesday, October 7, 2008

What to do in the middle of the night...

What a busy day yesterday was, the time went by way too quickly. I had PT at nine and Mickie and I went for coffee afterward, then it was work, work, work. (Well, not quite, Roseau Electric had their customer appreciation lunch, which Mickie and I gobbled down. Delish, hot port sandwiches!) First we had to get the info on our upcoming lunch movie out to the public and then I spent the day working on the newsletter. When my phone alarm announced that I had a 4 o'clock appointment I was shocked. After my massage I spent an hour swimming and headed home to Ardmore. The house was not welcoming, it was dark outside and dark inside, he was fast asleep and it was only 7:30. I think the rain does that to him. He is probably disgusted about the fact that the soybeans are still not ready to be harvested and we have rain AGAIN.

We decided we need to purchase another fan for another grain bin, this is the fifth fan so now all the bins will have fans! Hurrah, no more worries about that, we could use another bin dryer though. I guess $1,800 more is a little more than we should spend until we know the soybeans are off.

I'd like to be positive about things right now, but with the way grain prices are falling, wheat's gone from $7.22 on September 22 down to $6 yesterday, that is a drop of over $18 since January 2008, Canola is at $13 after being $25. I can't fee optimistic about our future farm earnings. All I can say, is thank goodness we don't owe a whole lot of money. Well, maybe with the insurance that we have had to pay this year, that is not totally true, I think we have about an $11,000 crop insurance bill, that will be due soon, along with our other payments. Farming is not for the faint of heart...

Well I better try to get some sleep not, it has evaded me for the past three hours, but at least the pain in my knee has subsided. I had decided to try and sleep in the king size bed with Ardmore, bad move, too hard and my knee became very painful so I moved back to the bed downstairs. TKR must be taken care of or it will not take care of you!

Thought for the day
It is difficulties that show what men are. -- Epictetus

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