Friday, October 3, 2008

Politics & the VP debate

Ardmore and I watched the VP debate tonight, he watched CNN while I was looking at Fox. Both of us are republicans, I don't like the controversy and there isn't much on Fox but CNN is far too Democratic. Ardmore was upset before the debate even began. Palin was finally herself. It was interesting to listen to her talk and to see Biden's reaction. She is a middle class working woman who has traveled in political circles most middle class women don't have the opportunity to even connect with much less travel with. I wonder, how did she got chosen for the VP position? Where were the powers that be during the time the McCain was looking for someone? I don't think we would be in the position of questioning a VP's platform if Romney would have been chosen instead. Somehow, sometime, somewhere, a decision was made that will either break or make the republican 2008 campaign. Was Palin chosen because Hilary was not? I don't think we will ever know. I know I vote for the platform, knowing that the President has to listen to his cabinet and others who know far more than he could possibly know.

This afternoon was Roseau's customer appreciation day with a dinner held in the city center. There was a great crowd. I hope I can get the count.

Two of our children are laid up now. Well Michelle sprained her ankle last week. She is out of the boot now and says it is only painful at night. She attended all of her classes and even taught her students right from the day after she sprained.

James took a tumble on his bike after a 20 mile ride and fractured his collar bone. Tomorrow he sees an orthopedic specialist. I hope it isn't too bad.

Pool therapy went well this am. There were three young people in the pool when I arrived. It was fun to watch the interaction between the two young men and young lady. Therapy went well, I was very stiff in the morning so needed it desperately. I hope this helps with my stiffness and range of motion.

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