Tuesday, October 14, 2008


First day of the week at work:
  1. Get up in the morning and get out of bed (Bus Driver - Guess Who)
  2. Call the school to see if a teacher and his class have time to put together museum exhibit platforms
  3. Ride the bike to limber the limbs
  4. Talk to Toots on way to work
  5. At work now - check email, teacher comes in to check out project
  6. STS bring in the items from the old jail, a bunk and a door from a cell. Heavy but exciting stuff'
  7. School records paper work comes through
  8. Electrician comes in to complete the final job, installs a switch for the storage room in the gallery, wonderful! We will no longer stumble on something when we try to locate the switch on the wall behind the door
  9. Teacher and students arrive and begin the project
  10. Work is done, swimming therapy!

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