Saturday, October 25, 2008


After almost getting stuck five time, Ardmore decided one hopper was enough. The forecast is for showers tonight and tomorrow, then snow showers on Monday. Hopefully they aren't too bad and we can get some more soybeans off.

Back to my walk. My back has been bothering me off and on all week so today I decided to use two canes when I walked. About half way to the bridge I ditched them beside the road and walked about 1/2 a mile. When I got back to where they were, I was glad I had them, my back started to ache as well as my knee. I immediately iced it when I got in the house. I had not taken a pain pill since early morning and then only half of a 350 mg. I should have taken one about a half hour prior to going on my walk.

I am laying in bed looking at my bookcase thinking, it may be mess but it is so convenient. I roll up my shirts and they hardly wrinkle, plus I can see everyone without going through the whole stack. Same with the pants. I also have the books I am reading on the first shelf and the magazines I am reading on the bottom, with a top to decorate. Someone else may think it is a mess, but to me it is an organized mess!

We only have five more weeks and we will be opening a new exhibit. Yikes!

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