Sunday, October 5, 2008

Thoughts from past and present

This weekend is general conference. I have listened to several of the talks yesterday and today. Several times, I felt the Spirit whisper, listen, this will help with what you are physically enduring. I was reminded to pray more often. There was also a documentary about President Monson today. It was so interesting. I marvel at the caring he has given the elder that he served as a bishop and a stake president. He never forgot one of the elderly widows in his ward at Christmas.

I feel I am finally making progress on my range of motion. I went in again yesterday to work out in the pool. The hot tub was a cold tub thought which was not good, in fact the pool was warmer than the hot tub by several degrees. I hope that it is warmer the next time I go. The hot works wonderfully with the flexibility exercises, but overall exercises are great in the pool. By the time the evening rolls around, I need to massage my legs to get to sleep though. A small price to pay for a good nights sleep.

Michelle told me that she went swimming but that it was so difficult with her sore ankle. I wonder if she is massaging it? I think that would help with the circulation and help it heal faster.

Our neighbors have started combining soybeans; this can cause a mixed emotion in one who is not sure if his crop is ready or not. Ardmore decided to try to combine and after one truck load decided that our crop is not ready. He also decided to transfer one of the electric heaters that go on the bins from a bin with wheat to the bin he is going to put the soybeans in. It is an excellent chance that the wheat is dry in that bin anyway.

It is always a little stressful when we get this late in the season and find we are up against the weather. Looking at the radar, it will rain before morning. I hope it is not much, we have had enough this fall and don't really need any more.

PT with ultra sound again in the am. I think I will do that this week and ask if we can give it a try without it.

I started reading The Host by Stephanie Meyer this past week. She is a BYU graduate and Brian recommended the book. It is a gripping story of how a group of spirits take over the bodies of humans as hosts. Different from anything I have ever read before. I highly recommend it.

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