Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Electric Heat

Well, I gave in and turned on the electric heat this evening. For the past two nights it has been in the low 30s to 40 and when I wake up I can't get back to sleep because it is too cold. I will not have that tonight, by 4 it will be warmer on the floor.

I started pool physical therapy yesterday. I am not sure if my range of motion increase today is from the ultra sound treatments or from the pool workouts but my range had increased and I was able to walk down the city center stairs without pain after my workouts. By the time 3 o'clock rolled around, I needed ice though. it might help if the leg was elevated on my computer, it is on the floor so it can be used for that purpose. I am enjoying the pt at the pool immensely. I probably should have done this sooner. It really is painful when I first do the flexing at first but it is amazing how much it helps.

Yesterday Breanne and I talked on the phone. She said Damen is crawling all over and pulling himself up on everything. He tries to climb upon her lap when she is sitting, by pulling on her pants. I wish I was there to see this.

I've been spending a fair share of time working on the newsletter at work lately. Today my newspaper article took precedence though. Tomorrow the newsletter will take precedence.

Ardmore has finished chisel plowing the fields where the crop is off. We must be lucky as may people can't do their fields as they are too wet. This evening he was picking rocks.

With our government in Washington not making any decisions on bailing out the banks, the stock market and commodity markets have been hit hard. We have seen wheat go down by $3, Canola by $5, and Soybeans by about $4 in the past month. It is harvest time so this isn't so unusual but it would be nice to see it be more stable. I'm not sure what should be done to take care of our financial situation. We live on borrowed money and a bail out of 70 billion is going to be a big chunk, although the economists say that the stock market 700 point drop cost trillions. Something has to be done to level us out. It will be interesting to hear but goes on over night.

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