Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Autumn is here

No sever frost yet but we needed more blankets to stay warm last night. This morning the temp at 6 was about 40, too cold for me. I will soon need to turn on the under floor heat.

The trees have really started to change with the maples turning a beautiful red. We difinitely have four seasons.

The Women's History Education Committee met last night. I hope they felt it was productive. I had copied every fifth year of school census records from the stored records in the basement of the courthouse for genealogy purposed prior to the 2002 flood. This was not much of a help as they did not list teachers, which what they need, the women educators. We are now waiting for the Minnesota Historical Society to send back their portion of the agreement so we can have the records brought over to the museum. I will need to start moving things to make room for the several boxes of info. It may even be smart to place them in a file cabinet instead.
Yesterday, we had two missionaries from the Church of Jesus Christ of Later-Day Saints come in and help me move some things in a wardrobe. We are now ready to take the wardrobe apart so we can make room for more items. I need to order shelving but haven't received the quote yet. We always have so many things to think of.

Today I am going to start hot tub and pool therapy for my tkr. Hopefully this will give me the range of motion I need and remove some of the stiffness. Hope it is as helpful as it appears to be.

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