Thursday, September 18, 2008

Yup, it had to rain..

Woke up to thunder and some wild lightening at 6:20. Yup, it rained again. Not much and I hope not south but I don't know if it is done yet. Crazy but there was just one big storm along the border and of course it had to stop here!

12 Things you should know about living in NW Minnesota

  1. It can rain any time during the summer and usually does.
  2. It is usually very green and beautiful from the middle of May to the middle of September,then the leaves change and it is fall beautiful.
  3. Summer often is very hot and muggy.
  4. There are no lakes except Lake of the Woods and a couple of resorvors where we live in NW MN.
  5. Contrary to some reports, we do have all four seasons.
  6. The first snow that stays can arrive around Halloween.
  7. The Northern Lights here are beautiful and can be in color!
  8. Winters are COLD. To prove this my husband received a hat from his company when he worked on the iron range in 1995 that says, "I survived 60 below."
  9. Snow can appear any time of the year, I remember snow flakes one Fourth of July when I was in high school.
  10. Minnesota is a top grain producer and grass producer, including blue grass.
  11. Roseau Co. is the home of Polaris Industry and Marvin Windows and Doors.
  12. Roseau Co. suffers from flooding periodically due to heavy rain falls.

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