Saturday, September 13, 2008

Why does it continue to rain?

Here we are, three days from the last rain and it rained again. Will we ever get our crop off? We have so much wet grain in the bin now and some of it at a moisture level of 19% and it continues to rain. Just when the grain moisture starts to drop so we can combine, it starts to rain again. Ardmore purchased two electric heaters to place on the grains bins. I think we will need one more but we are trying to be hopeful.

He has decided to take the header off of the combine and put the other header on so he can take off the canola. The wheat has too high of a moisture lever and he is hopeful that it will drop while he is taking off the canola. He needs at least two days of warm weather to see the canola dry enough to take off. We are praying it will come off this next week, as the weather report looks promising.

Monday is our grandson Bryce's birthday. I wanted to email him but we do not have his new Coast Guard email address. (Hey Bryce, if you read this write to granny!) I will have to mail his card to his mother so he can pick it when he returns from his trip to sea. I hope he has a good camera and takes lots of photos so we can see them. I am putting a photo of Bryce (left) and James on the blog for any young women who check out my blog can see the hunks!

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