Saturday, September 27, 2008

Saturday, always a day of work!

I would love to sleep until 10 just one Saturday. I always wake up sometime during the night and finally at about 6:30 or 7 that built in alarm attacks my subconscious and destroys any additional sleep time.

I think the ultra-sound that I started in pt this last week finally did some good. I am able to finally ride my bike again, well not terrifically but after a couple of rounds, it goes quite well. I purchased a book on Amazon about TKR. Lots of very good information. I think it has given me some new hope. I hope that I can control the varicose vein problems without surgery and get the knee pain under control.

I watched the movie Hotel Rwanda this afternoon. Why were we so hesitant to go in there when we first heard of the genocide that was taking place? Over a million people lost their lives and who knows how many children were orphaned. Where was the UN and all of us who should have stepped to the plate to stop this? I know the US can't be every where but the UN needs to stand up to situations like this and stop it, and we are part of the UN.

We are starting to get some fall like weather. Yesterday felt quite cold, today wasn't bad but next week we will probably get frost. Most everyone in the area has their wheat and canola off. Ardmore has spent the past two days chisel plowing. He has covered the wheat field at home and the canola field north of Badger. He is on his second trip on the canola field. Hopefully he won't have to go over it again.

I spent the evening listening to Woman's Conference this evening. It was so good. Elder Uchtdorf gave a wonderful encouraging talk about how we as women should look at who we are. I called Michelle and encouraged her to go this evening. She is so fortunate;she is only about 2 minutes from her chapel and can walk, and it is a stake center.

I better close, we forgot to clean the church this week so I will have to go in with Ardmore to get it done before church starts.

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