Sunday, September 21, 2008

Fawns in the Field

Today, I went to visit a nearby friend. During our visit she reported that her husband had seen three fawns by the river behind their home. It reminded me of Friday evening when Ardmore and took the pickup out to the semi at about 9:30 pm. As we droved across the field the deer appeared one after another, the doe with her three fawns, a doe with no fawns, and another doe with two fawns. Ardmore told me they had must have bedded down in the wheat field as there were several areas where they had flattened the grain.

This is one of the advantages of living in our area, seeing deer and fawns up close and personal. These same deer often come into our yard and graze. We don't have a dog to drive them away, thank goodness, so they feel comfortable in our yard. I have woke up at night to see them grazing no farther than 10 feet from our bedroom window.

Watching the relationships between the mother and her fawns is sometimes enlightening. She would push them out of the way, if there was some grain to be found on the ground where we were loading the bins. It is like she was saying, you eat after I am full and not until then. Watching the fawns frolick in the yard has always been fun to watch. They jump and romp and push at each other.

Now that the wheat field is havested they will go into the soybeans, and then the CRP until we get snow, at which time they head to the forst and the protection from the cold and wind.

Our new High Councilman and his wife and two little children came to our branch today. Both gave great talks about taking care of the lost members.

I have found that I am having so much trouble getting Minnesota Public Radio on the radio, I have started to listen online more often. The internet is such a powerful tool. Today, our Family History leaders entered me into the new family search website as a consultant. I am excited about this. I never thought about it until an LDS couple came to the museum this past week and encouraged me to ask about being consultant. I have a waiting period before I can log on and become acquainted with the program. New things to learn again!

James put more photos on his Facebook website. In order to see them I had to sign up for Facebook, which I did. Some are very interesting. I am waiting to see his photos of harvest.

Michelle emailed me some photos of Damen with his parents and with grandma Michelle. I am going to post the one of Damen with Breanne and Josh right here.

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