Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Meetings and thiings to do

Our museum assistant and I attended a Minnesota's Historic Northwest consortium meeting today. We had a very good representation with about 13 people in attendance. Our organization was established through the efforts of one woman whose vision was to see the Historical Societies and Museums in Northwest Minnesota work together to establish a learning enviroment and promote the history of our area. This past year has really seen us do this, as we designed an exhibit as well as a book in celebration of Minnesota's sesquicentennial celebration. The book and exhibit contain 150 photos that show and tell the important aspects of NW MN. It was a long day that starte at 7:15 and ended at 5.

I drove and now I have a very sore swollen knee, nothing new. I iced it and headed for bed.

I had ordered a book shelf from Office Depot to put on my north wall. I plan to put mostly clothing on it but it will also hold books and several odds and ends that clutter my bedroom. We started to put it together this evening, but I got to tired to finish so we will do that tomorrow.

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